Yuki as she currently looks.

Name: Yuki
Owner: mendokusai
Mold: Pipos Rooney (jointed body)
Wig: n/a
Eyes: 14mm "E01-1" glass eyes (DD-Anne)
Face-up: none yet
Modifications: none
Customizations: none

Yuki is obnoxious and condescending, and always has to get the last word in. She is obsessed with money and often is thinking about so many things at once that it seems like she has the attention span of a goldfish.

Roles and Relationships

Interesting Facts or Quirks

  • Age: n/a.
    • Yuki is constantly getting rebuilt or modified.
  • While technically genderless, Yuki is considered to be a girl.
  • Yuki is a refined steamjack, a sort of robot that normally runs by steam power. Through the use of Cyrissan technology, Yuki has gained the capability of running without the use of outside resources and has developed a strong independent personality.
    • Since steamjacks typically mirror their handler's personality in some way, it's a wonder why Yuki doesn't act more like Meryll.
  • She has a large stash of blackmail pictures she's taken of several of the other characters, using Meryll's camera.
    • She sometimes sells these.1
  • Yuki doesn't really have the ability to show self-restraint, as evidenced by her tendency to blurt out whatever first comes to mind (regardless of how offensive it might be).
  • Supposedly she has a cousin Rosita in Singapore, who she calls and racks up huge long distance phone bills.

Yuki (pictured with Chase and Seraph) in the photostory "All Sales Are Final".


Bandit's Landing
Yuki is not introduced until later in the story.

Beneath the Midnight Sun
Yuki's history in the separate storyline is not specified.

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