Talia as she currently looks.

Name: Talia Mateo
Owner: mendokusai
Mold: Supia Minisup Yan (tan resin)
Wig: Monique "Kana" in black (Jpopdolls)
Eyes: 10mm "dark forne" high quality glass eyes (Pupa Paradise)
Face-up: custom (mendokusai)
Modifications: pierced ears
Customizations: none

Talia is free-spirited and friendly, but is often reckless. She is most defined by her addictions, most prominent of which being the addiction to being addicted to things, and relies heavily on her close friends to keep her afloat.

Roles and Relationships

  • Close with San.
  • Long-term relationship with both Rey and Seraph.
  • In the Bandit's Landing storyline, Talia is considered the main character and most of the goings-on revolve around her and her crew of pirates.

Interesting Facts or Quirks

  • Age: 26 (Sagittarius).
  • She's been in a relationship with Rey for about three years, and Seraph for a little over two years.
  • Talia cycles through addictions on a regular basis, but constantly battles with her addictions to risk, alcohol, and sex.
    • In photostories, she is most commonly drunk or at least tipsy.
    • The one thing she cannot stand is cigarettes/tobacco. It disgusts her greatly whenever she catches Seraph smoking.
  • After growing up homeless, Talia now has a severe attachment to material objects.
  • Favorite colors: green and brown.
  • Music taste: grunge rock, punk, indie.
    • Typical playlist includes: The Ramones, Social Distortion, The Besnard Lakes, Pink Floyd, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, The Dead Weather.
  • Favorite animal: frogs.
    • Has a mild obsession with frogs, and is rarely seen without her favorite frog hat.
  • Since she is the main character of the Bandit's Landing storyline and it's important to not understand her very well, Talia does not make very many appearances.

Talia in the photostory "Ground Control".


Bandit's Landing
Talia grew up an orphan on the streets of Five Fingers, in the Cathedral District on Doleth Isle. She was cunning and resourceful, but struggled on her own until meeting Alister and teaming up with him. The two managed well together, pairing her drive to succeed with his innate charm. When they were older, they began helping at churches feeding other homeless children to earn meals and occasional housing for themselves. Alister ended up taking a greater interest in the church, while Talia began wandering around the docks and became fascinated with the boats, volunteering on trade vessels as a deckhand. When Alister got adopted she was heartbroken, and with nothing else to drive her she became obsessed with her work on the docks. Several years later she was working as part of the crew on a trade route between Five Fingers and Corvis, and was saved by Rey when the boat was attacked while in port. He joined the crew, helping out, and the two began having a relationship on the side. When she had saved up enough money he encouraged her to buy her own ship, thus leading to the formation of the Time Bandit and her crew. Rey was, of course, second in command. Talia met Seraph while at a bar in Five Fingers, and after discovering Seraph's skills in accounting she convinced her to join the crew running the ship's finances and managing their jobs. The three of them began openly recruiting and things quickly came together. When Alister eventually returned to Five Fingers he ran into Talia, and after catching up he gladly joined as the ship's surgeon and medic. (more at the bottom of the page)

Beneath the Midnight Sun
Talia's history in the separate storyline is not specified, but is significantly different. She doesn't grow up with Alister (but does still grow up homeless) and obviously is not the captain of a steam ship. While she is the main character of the other storyline, in the separate one she plays a minor role. This is intentional, as a large part of Bandit's Landing revolves around getting to know her and her motives as well as understanding how much she changes throughout the story. Ord (where Talia is born in Bandit's Landing) would be comparable to Spain.

Expanded History

!!SPOILERS!! (highlight at your own risk!)

When the story's prologue begins, the crew has been together for a little over two years. After struggling with addiction after addiction, Talia is in a downward spiral and quickly wearing her alliances thin. She's depressed and unfulfilled, despite the extreme success of her career as a pirate captain. Her ship is undefeated and she and the others are steadily becoming exceedingly wealthy. Seraph is getting tired of supporting her, and has been fighting more and more frequently with Rey. Talia ends up shooting herself, and is barely saved by Alister. As a result of her instability, a large portion of the crew abandons her, and Seraph leaves for Corvis.

Talia manages to recover slightly, but her crew isn't as good as it was before, and relations with Seraph are on thin ice. Seraph still handles the business end of things, but from her offices in Corvis instead of actively living on the ship. The first chapter begins after the Time Bandit has lost a battle with a Cryxian blackship and has been sunk. Talia nearly drowns and wakes up on Vult's island, where he keeps her unconscious while her body detoxes. She assumes most of her crew has been killed, and Vult accompanies her to Corvis to meet with Seraph to get news on their survival.

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