Shael as she currently looks.

Name: Shael
Owner: mendokusai
Mold: Latidoll Blue LE Censya (mystic/dreaming head)
Wig: LR-110 in royal gray (Leekeworld)
Eyes: 10mm glass eyes (unknown)
Face-up: custom (mendokusai)
Modifications: none
Customizations: none

Shael is cold and dispassionate, caring little for anybody other than herself, and has a tendency to be a bit cruel. She rarely interacts with anybody unless she has to and spends most of her time sleeping.

Roles and Relationships

  • Constantly followed by Tato, who refers to her as "Shael'avara" or "Avara" (elven for "mother").
  • Long-term relationship with Vult.
  • Butts heads occasionally with Seraph, but otherwise gets along with her.
  • In the Bandit's Landing storyline, Shael is first encountered by Brodwyn's father and teaches him how to build Linus. She is later blackmailed into hunting Brodwyn.

Interesting Facts or Quirks

  • Age: unknown.
  • Shael is an elf.
    • Her hair color is naturally white (no tint), and her ears are short and curved downward.
    • She is highly xenophobic, harboring an intense hatred for non-elves. She is quite skilled in masking her true feelings as a result of her spy training.
    • While she doesn't hide the fact that she is an elf, she dyes her hair black to appear to be a Nyss elf instead of Iosan.
  • Shael suffers from frequent migraines, and spends most of her time sleeping (though as an elf, she technically does not "sleep").
  • She never makes direct eye contact with others.
    • Her right eye is completely blind from cataracts, while her left still has a tiny amount of vision.
    • The problems with her eyes seem to be linked to Tato somehow.
  • Shael often uses Tato as a sort of scout, to see things she can't normally see (such as seeing what's going on behind her, in other rooms, or up ahead around the corner).
    • She often uses this to cheat at videogames.1
    • She has also trained herself to have the ability to view her surroundings through Tato's body, but it's extremely taxing. While using this ability, she is able to remain in control of her body while viewing herself and her surroundings in third person.
  • Her relationship with Vult is somewhat unstable, and she often makes it seem like she cares much less than she actually does.
  • She rarely dresses exposing much skin.
    • Shael cuts herself frequently, occasionally purposefully leaving scars. Most of her body is covered in scars, while she leaves her shoulders clear, as well as her breasts.
    • She's not ashamed of it, but keeps herself covered to avoid unnecessary attention, as she prefers keeping her personal habits private.
    • Vult has implied that he's aware of this, saying "The things you do to yourself… I know."2
  • Favorite color: none (black and pink if forced to pick).
  • Music taste: gothic metal, metal opera.
    • Typical playlist includes: Theatre of Tragedy, Within Temptation, Xandria, Sirenia.

Shael (pictured with Meryll) in the photostory "Everybody Has Something to Hide".


Bandit's Landing
Shael was born to a fairly average Iosan family, with only a younger sister. She was a little strange, often restless and showing spontaneous fits of rage. She was physically and emotionally abusive towards her little sister and quickly learned that physical power could be used towards many gains. Even as a child she had a hatred towards humans, as did the other elves, and in school was taught that the humans were responsible for the loss of the elven gods. Around authority she was polite and respectful, but in situations where she was in a position of power she became cruel and sadistic. When she reached her teens, she developed a fascination with pain and began cutting herself, as well as torturing her little sister and threatening to kill her if she ran to their parents. Eventually her sister did tell, and Shael was sent to receive behavioral treatment when she turned sixteen. The Retribution of Scyrah, seeing potential, took Shael in and began training her as a mage hunter. She grew to be one of their greatest assassins but eventually turned rogue and began working as a mercenary. (more at the bottom of the page)

Beneath the Midnight Sun
Shael's history is not specified in the separate storyline.

Expanded History

!!SPOILERS!! (highlight at your own risk!)

While working as a mage hunter, Shael assassinated several humans over the course of ten years before she was assigned to infiltrate a small Khadoran unit to take out their mage. Assuming a false identity, she joined them as one of two snipers within the unit but made one crucial mistake: she got too close to the commander of the unit and ended up falling in love with him. His name was Kirion, and he was everything Shael was working against — not only was he a human, but he was also a paladin with a strong sense of justice. She knew that if she successfully eliminated her target, Kirion would soon be hot on her heels seeking revenge. She chose to abandon her mission and return to Ios. However, her feelings for Kirion remained and she found herself returning to Khador regularly to visit him. He tried several times to convince her to stay in Khador and make a life with him, but she refused. After a year, she realized she was pregnant. She went into hiding, disgusted with herself for carrying a half-human child. The night the child was born, Shael met with an old contact — an Infernalist who helped her to initiate an Infernalist pact, sacrificing the soul of the newborn child. The infernal towered over her, and as she handed the child over she made the mistake of looking the baby in the eyes. A sudden rush of feelings overwhelmed her and she hugged her daughter tightly and cried a hushed name before the infernal ripped the child from her arms and disappeared. In exchange for the baby's soul, Shael's life was extended indefinitely. She returned to Kirion shortly after. He begged her once again to stay with him, and she became infuriated and told him she would never live among humans, let alone with a human. She then told him about her pregnancy and that she would rather die than have a half-human child. Horrified, he threw her out and told her never to return.

A few months later, Shael was camping during her travels when a small ethereal child appeared to her. It had pale translucent skin, long wispy hair, and its eyes squeezed tightly closed. It smiled with a sharp toothy grin and introduced itself as Thotae. Shael was shocked. Thotae, meaning "true beloved", was the name she had given her daughter as the infernal snatched her away. The being calling herself by her dead child's name continued to haunt Shael, and it quickly became apparent that Shael was the only one able to see and hear her. The two came to an agreement where Thotae used her abilities to give Shael a sort of extra sense. Being able to see everywhere at once gave her a major advantage as an assassin. Thotae began referring to Shael as her mother, so Shael began twisting Thotae's name, referring to her as Tato.

Shael and Tato worked together for the next four hundred years. Shael changed her identity several times, going back and forth between being in hiding and working as either an assassin or a spy for the Iosan government. Gradually her eyes began deteriorating, making it difficult for her to see. Through her link to Tato, she taught herself the ability to use Tato's eyes, giving herself the ability to still control her body while viewing her surroundings from Tato's body.

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