Seraph as she currently looks.

Name: Sarai "Seraph" Jaesen
Owner: mendokusai
Mold: Alchemic Lab Unoa Sist (1.5, large bust, with Ijime/Bully faceplate)
Wig: modified Monique "Angelic Romance" wig in Golden Fire (Jpopdolls)
Eyes: 10mm "dark green" glass eyes (Hands Glass)
Face-up: custom (mendokusai)
Modifications: none yet
Customizations: none yet

Seraph is a smartass with a crude sense of humor. She can be controlling and manipulative, and has a fast temper especially when belittled or proven wrong over something. Quite the hypocrite at times, but despite all of her faults she is an indispensable ally and a loyal friend.

Roles and Relationships

  • Mother figure of the group.
  • Best friends with Chase.
  • Close with Meryll, who she treats like a daughter.
  • Long-term relationship with Talia, though not an official commitment.
    • Dislikes Rey simply because Talia has stronger feelings for him.
  • Loves getting a rise out of Vult.
  • Butts heads with Shael, but otherwise gets along with her.
  • In the Bandit's Landing storyline, her relationships are roughly the same (though more unstable), she is an occasional business associate of Chase's (along with being close friends) and she is the business manager of Talia's crew.

Interesting Facts or Quirks

  • Age: 27 (Aries, cusp of Taurus).
  • She is half elf and half human, raised in human society.
    • Her hair color is naturally white (silver tint), and her ears were long and pointed prior to a mishap when she was younger.
    • Her elven heritage is a closely-guarded secret, known only to Talia. It does, however, provide it's benefits (such as giving the ability to drink everybody else below the table).
    • She keeps her hair so that it covers the scarred remnants of her ears.
  • She is a lesbian.
  • Seraph despises her past.
    • This includes hating her given name (Sarai), choosing to go by a fake name instead.
  • She is a mathematics genius with a keen eye for business.
    • Seraph runs several small businesses, making a majority of the house's income on her own. This ranges from internet-based pyramid schemes1 to other more respectable small businesses.
    • She has tried going to college, but dropped out because of a dislike for the "suffocating" environment.
  • Harbors a secret love for math or puzzle videogames.
    • Typically only plays when she sneaks off for smoke breaks.
    • Has stated "I'll leave the nerd stuff to the experts."2 and "I'm not into that geeky shit."3
  • Seraph struggled with an eating disorder when she was young, and while she has a much better control of herself now she still smokes as a means to keep a slim figure.
    • Talia doesn't approve of her smoking4 but Seraph does it anyway5, possibly to intentionally make her mad (or other reasons).
  • She has a weakness for drinking and gambling.
  • Favorite color: red.
  • Music taste: early 90s rock (grunge, rockabilly/classic).
    • Typical playlist includes: Nirvana, The Black Crowes, The Rolling Stones, Social Distortion, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.
  • Seraph has a Twitter.

Seraph (pictured with Chase) in the photostory "Like Bunnies".


Bandit's Landing
Seraph's mother was a human who was in love with an elf, but when she got pregnant the father left when she refused to get rid of the child. Her mother tried to provide as best as she could, but half-elves are not well accepted and she was shunned by general society because of her situation and child. Seraph was tormented in school. When she was twelve, her mother found her collapsed on the floor screaming in agony after attempting to cut off the elven tips of her ears so she could be human. Her mother decided they would move, in what became a constant string of new homes, attempting to find a community that was more welcoming. Seraph began dying her hair and growing it out thick enough to cover her mangled ears. She was desperate to be accepted and fell into damaging habits trying to fit in with the other kids. Eventually she met a girl who she became very close with, who didn't care when Seraph confessed her heritage, and the two became best friends. Amazed that she finally found somebody who accepted her for who she was, Seraph found herself developing her first crush. Unfortunately things were not going so well for her mother, and the two of them ended up moving again in an attempt to find better work. Seraph immersed herself in her schoolwork and discovered she had an incredible knack for mathematics. When she was old enough, she started working and moved out, quickly becoming able to support herself and did so for several years before happening across Talia at a bar in Five Fingers. The two of them hit it off, and she agreed to join Talia's crew, running the finances and lining up jobs. She still sends funding to her mom on a regular basis, but keeps it a secret from everybody except Talia.

Beneath the Midnight Sun
Seraph's history is not specified in the separate storyline.

Seraph Fan Art

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