San as he currently looks.

Name: Lysander (San) Tretiakov
Owner: mendokusai
Mold: Limhwa Limho Mono (french resin)
Wig: red fur wig (Sunny's Wonderful World)
Eyes: 14mm mismatched ("Y44"/"HE02") D-Specials glass eyes (Dollmore)
Face-up: custom (mendokusai)
Modifications: ears sanded to be slightly pointed, nails sanded to be claw-like (mendokusai)
Customizations: vertical labret (mendokusai)

San is immature, full of himself, and less than refined. He thinks of himself as a lady's man but can barely even manage a civilized conversation. He does have his good sides, but they don't show often.

Roles and Relationships

  • Close with Seraph and Talia.
  • Malice is his little sister.
  • Hangs out with Rey and Vult because he has no other guys to hang out with.
    • Claims to dislike Alister, but really doesn't mind him.
  • Currently sleeping with Sparrow.
  • Previously had a short relationship with Meryll.
    • Because of this, doesn't get along with Gabe.
  • In the Bandit's Landing storyline, San is in a relationship with Meryll and has had a past relationship with Sparrow.

Interesting Facts or Quirks

  • Age: 23 (Scorpio).
  • San is a warpwolf.
    • His moods are severe and uncontrollable. He often does things he doesn't mean to.
    • Due to the imperfect nature of his warpwolf genetics San is not as powerful as his sister, but this also means he has better control over himself. His eyes are also different colors (one orange and one blue).
    • Every time San changes form he loses a little of his ability to completely retake human form (referred to as "losing humanity"). So far he's lost control of his ears and hands.
  • He is colorblind and has a horrible taste in clothing, usually resulting in all black clothes and things that don't fit him.
  • He has a lame sense of humor and loves stupid internet jokes/memes.
  • Because of his inability to control himself, San rapidly bounces between being extremely immature and being overly serious.
    • Family is extremely important to him, and he is always his most serious when Malice is around.
  • Hobbies include playing guitar, writing music, and trolling dating websites.
  • Favorite color: none (black if forced to choose one).
  • Music taste: punk, ska, ska-punk/reggae.
    • Typical playlist includes: The Ramones, Sublime, The Sex Pistols, The Clash, Pennywise, They Might Be Giants, Rx Bandits, Rage Against the Machine.
  • Despite San's insinuations that he's "better in the sack" than Gabe, there are several jokes scattered throughout the photostories centered on the diminutive size of his penis.

San (pictured with Meryll) in the photostory "Like a Little Baby Roller Derby".


Bandit's Landing
Lysander grew up in a lower middle class family in Khador. He was the only child of an alchemist and his wife. San (the nickname his mother had given him) was a reasonably well-behaved average kid, if a little irritable, spoiled by his mom and mostly ignored by his dad. Around the time San was ten years old, his dad became obsessed with finding the original alchemical formula for creating warpwolves. He began researching and testing fanatically over the next three years or so, until he finally felt he had figured it out. He used his wife and son as guinea pigs, transforming them into warpwolves. However, the formula wasn't perfect, so his test subjects were kept chained up. Over the next year San and his mother were held prisoner, and one night San's father realized the true secret to warpwolves: genetics. He raped his wife, who became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter (Malice), born a true warpwolf as the result of a warpwolf parent. Not quite satisfied with his experiments, San's father continued keeping his test subjects under control. When his sister was two years old, San broke free and ran away with her. They spent the next five years constantly on the run before being picked up by slave runners. Malice, being a much more powerful warpwolf than San, broke them free. They continued running until San met Meryll while he was stealing food for himself for Malice. He was going to join Talia's crew so they could have a permanent home over their heads, but due to a misunderstanding Malice fled and he was forced to go looking for her.

Beneath the Midnight Sun
San's history is not specified in the separate storyline.

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