Rey as he currently looks.

Name: Reynard (Rey) Ironsides
Owner: mendokusai
Mold: Iplehouse JID Ryan (with mobility joint)
Wig: black fur wig (Miffimifster)
Eyes: 10mm "light blue" glass eyes (Ginarolo)
Face-up: custom (mendokusai)
Modifications: none
Customizations: none

Rey is extremely laid back and personable, with a constant gentle smile. Despite the friendly appearance, though, there is something unsettling about him. Most attribute it to his unwavering gaze or his size, while others place it simply on the fact that he seems too flawless in everything he does.

Roles and Relationships

  • Father figure of the group.
  • Particularly close to Meryll, who he thinks of as a daughter.
  • Close with Seraph, though they disagree a lot.
  • Long-term relationship with Talia, though not an official commitment.
  • Occasionally hangs out with Vult, Alister, and San.
  • In the Bandit's Landing storyline, Rey is the second in command of Talia's steam ship, and much of his relationships are the same.

Interesting Facts or Quirks

  • Age: 28 (Cancer).
  • He is very easygoing and tends to go with the flow.
    • After having spent three years with Talia and her spontaneity and erratic behavior , Rey has become resilient to just about everything.
  • Rey has an obsessive interest in machinery and mathematics, as well as cultures and languages.
    • He's fluent in several languages.
    • He and Meryll have a playful rivalry when it comes to machinery.
  • He's less than satisfied with sharing Talia with Seraph, but knows that if he were to push the issue he would lose Talia forever.
  • Rey seems to be skilled in anything and everything he attempts to do.
  • Favorite colors: yellow and blue.
  • Music taste: indie (preferably mellow music with smooth melodies).
    • Typical playlist includes: Greg Laswell, R.E.M., Owl City, Mat Kearney, Cary Brothers, Ray LaMontagne.
  • Rey has gone through three different dolls, one for each year mendokusai has been in the hobby (though so far there is not a fourth).


Bandit's Landing
Rey was raised by his uncle in the Protectorate of Menoth. He'd always had problems adjusting to the strict way of life, often resisting the restrictions of society. As he grew older, he learned to just do as he was told, as punishments for going against life in the Protectorate are rather severe and his uncle was rather uncaring. In an attempt to conform, he even had a girlfriend. Her name was Deen and she was a zealot; Rey hoped that her fanaticism would help him blend in, and he was skilled at playing his part. His interest in mathematics and his habit of staying on the fringe of society led him to be approached by a member of the Cult of Cyriss. He began dabbling in the ways of the cult in his spare time. Deen became suspicious of Rey's seemingly divided attention and demanded proof of his devotion to Menoth. Rey was forced to cut down on his separate interests and focus more on keeping up his facade, but when Deen began her training as one of the Protectorate's special forces, it left Rey with more free time. One night, Rey stumbled across a journal hidden in his uncle's room. After reading it he realized the journal had been written by his father. Everything his uncle had told him was a lie; his father was not, in fact, a member of the Protectorate but rather a captain of the Cygnaran army. A riot arose outside, the town was under attack by a Cryxian blackship. Rey gathered what belongings he had, along with his father's journal, and used the chaos of the attack as an opportunity to flee. He left the Protectorate and remained on the move, using the scattered Cyrissan temples as refuge. He eventually found himself in Ord, which led to his first encounter with Talia. He rescued her from an attack while docked in port on the ship she was working for and he ended up joining the crew. He fell in love with Talia and stayed by her side whenever possible. When she had earned enough money for her own ship, he encouraged her to buy it, and the two of them began forming the crew of the Time Bandit. (more at the bottom of the page)

Beneath the Midnight Sun
Rey's history is not specified in the separate storyline.

Expanded History

!!SPOILERS!! (highlight at your own risk!)

Rey learned many things about his father from the journal, mostly about his work in the Cygnaran army. He had spent a large portion of his career hunting a specific satyxis captain and subverting her attacks on Cygnar. Because of this the two of them were long-time rivals and she started making a point of directing attacks on him. From there, the journal took on a darker tone, becoming fragmented and cryptic, often written in small bursts while on the run. It wasn't clear what he was running from or what he was doing, but it seemed to be a personal mission rather than something from Cygnar. The journal ended with him leaving Rey to be raised by his uncle.

What isn't made clear in the journal is that Rey's father had actually developed feelings for the satyxis captain he'd been hunting for so long. He had succeeded in capturing her, but she had seduced him and escaped. The encounter resulted in the birth of twins: one boy and one girl. Rey's father heard through his contacts what had happened, and knowing that all male satyxis are ceremonially slain, he set out to rescue the children. He only managed to escape with his son, however, and knowing that he would continually be hunted he handed the child over to his brother, who then ran to the Protectorate.

Rey has been constantly on the move because whenever he stays in one place for too long, there is eventually an attack by a Cryxian blackship. He assumes it's the satyxis captain hunting him for some reason, but really it's his sister. She has been shunned because of her twin's survival, and must kill him to reclaim her honor. It's almost as if she has some way of finding him if he stays in one place for too long. When the Time Bandit is attacked and sunk in the first chapter, it's a result of an attack by Rey's sister. Before an explosion knocks Talia off the ship she sees Rey being attacked by a satyxis (his sister).

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