Retired Characters
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Characters come and, rarely, characters go. Here is a list of characters who were introduced and eventually left the stage for good.

This list does not include guest characters, who are usually only around for a few photostories or play a brief cameo. All characters listed here played a fairly significant role and were typically around for a year or more.

Any usernames refer to DoA usernames!


Name: Gwendolyn (Gwen)
Owner: Hakari-chan
Mold: Fairyland Minifee Dark Elf Soo
Number of Appearances: 49

Gwen was created by Kafka to love Gabe when he and Meryll had started having relationship problems. After struggling with her involuntary feelings for a man who didn't love her back, Gwen managed to overcome it and had been slowly working on becoming her own person. After dealing with conflicting feelings towards Alister, she eventually fell in love with a strange man named Johnathan while she was vacationing in Scotland with Gabe and Jael. Unfortunately, it turned out that this man was not who he seemed, and it became apparent that his motives were sinister. After returning home, Gwen was able to patch up her friendship with Alister, but was unable to shake the distrust she had developed towards Gabe after his battle with Johnathan met with a bloody end. She eventually left to pursue her own interests and learn about the world on her own.

Name: Johnathan
Owner: Hakari-chan
Mold: Fairyland Minifee Breakaway (also portrayed using Gabe's doll at first)
Number of Appearances: 3

Name: Kafka Illonriel
Owner: Hakari-chan
Mold: Various (Dream of Doll Mir, Fairyland Minifee Lishe, Delf Nanuri '07)
Number of Appearances: 37

Name: Kane
Owner: Hakari-chan
Mold: Various (Fairyland Minifee Chiwoo sleeping mod, Luts Senior Delf Ethan)
Number of Appearances: 31

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