She makes lots of faces.

Amanda (mendokusai) is twenty-six (07-21-84), lives in Alaska, and is married with a baby on the way. She is a Grammar Nazi (despite never capitalizing her usernames and always chatting in lowercase), is mildly obsessed with pirates and Care Bears, and has lawn gnomes living in her freezer. A nonconformist by nature, she tends to avoid stereotypes whenever possible, often avoiding popular things like the plague (as opposed to popular things such as the plague). She has a strong dislike for pop music, drama queens, weeaboos, fandoms, and attention whores. She's also an obnoxious smartass with a foul mouth who should rarely be taken seriously.


Some Favorite Things
The Stand by Stephen King
The Bridei Chronicles (series) by Juliet Marillier
The Dark Tower (series) by Stephen King
The Maze in the Heart of the Castle by Dorothy Gilman
Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
Catch-22 by Joseph Heller
Empire Records
The Last Waltz
The Princess Diaries
Girl, Interrupted
The Incredibles
Sherlock Holmes
Law & Order: SVU

(really doesn't watch TV much at all)

Final Fantasy XI (PC)
Paper Mario (GC)
Mario Kart (any)
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (GBA)
.hack//(various) (PS2)
Kingdom Hearts (PS2)
Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility (Wii)
Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)
Read or Die
Gurren Lagann
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Howl's Moving Castle
Spirited Away
Fiona Apple
The Raconteurs
The Monkees
Jack Johnson
Pearl Jam
Matchbox Twenty


  • Videogames
  • ABJDs, face-ups/customizations
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Anime
  • HTML, graphics design, web design
  • Psychology

In the Hobby

She mostly keeps to herself, generally not getting involved with group discussions or trying to meet new people. Despite liking ABJDs and anime, she has little to no interest in Japanese culture as a whole and tends to not have much in common with other members of the ABJD community. Primarily interested in the artistic aspects of ABJDs, mendokusai focuses on face-ups and photography. Photostories allow her to combine her loves of photography and writing to give herself an artistic outlet to share with other people. She does not believe her dolls have souls or are alive in any way, despite sometimes joking about them as if they were real.

Her dolls are kept in her walk-in closet. She prefers the size of MSDs or smaller and prefers bodies with more natural posing abilities; Fairyland Littlefees are her favorite dolls. She doesn't like having more than one doll with the same bodies, and as a result her ABJD collection contains dolls from several different companies.

She's been in the hobby for four years (since May '06).

Photostories and Characters

  • Has often stated that Brodwyn and Meryll are the two different sides of her own personality.
    • Has also stated, "On my social days it would be accurate to say I'm a mixture of Meryll and Seraph."
  • Typically writes her photostories from the inside out, coming up with a punchline first and then working around it. A loose script is put together while taking pictures but nothing is scripted out beforehand.
  • Humor is centered around pop culture references, sex jokes, lesbian jokes, and/or catching people off guard.
  • Sometimes jokes about guy/guy, but has said that there will never actually be any "boy love" (implied, joked about, serious, imagined, or otherwise) in her photostories.
    • Has said, "If you're looking for yaoi, you're reading the wrong [photostories]."
    • Despite this, has done a satirical guy/guy story before as a joke due to speculations over the sexuality of some of the main boy characters (Gabe, Vult, and Alister).1
    • When accused of being homophobic, she has stated that she has nothing against gay men and that her boy characters just happen to be straight, and the lack of gay boy characters is pure coincidence. She is not homophobic, having stated that she herself is bisexual.
  • Significantly dislikes penpal photostories, sometimes poking fun at them a little with Meryll's polaroid photostories.
  • Some of her favorite photostories from the archive:

Favorite Places to Shop

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