Gabe as he currently looks.

Name: Gabriel (Gabe) Illonriel
Owner: mendokusai
Mold: Fairyland Minifee Elf Shiwoo (a-line muscular body, #5 hands)
Wig: "LR-040" in Eve Cream (Leekeworld)
Eyes: 12mm "E21" glass eyes (Captured in Glass)
Face-up: custom (mendokusai)
Modifications: none
Customizations: none

Gabe is generally a pretty laid-back guy, open to new people and ideas, and always up to trying new things with a sense of self confidence that is almost annoying sometimes. He is fiercely protective of what he has deemed 'his', to the point where it can be more of a fault than a virtue on occasion.

Roles and Relationships

  • Best friends with Vult and Kane.
  • Pseudo father/brother relationship with Gwendolyn, who he refers to as 'Little bird'.
  • Kafka's younger brother.
  • Long-term relationship with Meryll, who he refers to as 'Kitten'.
  • Jael's 'Master'.
  • Hates San.

Interesting Facts or Quirks

  • Age: Unknown, but celebrates birthday in July (Cancer).
  • Gabe is a sort of demigod.
    • He has white wings and horns that he keeps hidden most of the time.
  • He's surprisingly good at styling hair, as Kafka always made him do hers since they were children.
  • He often has long videogame marathons with Vult, the two of them becoming very competitive against eachother.
    • There is often a lot of gambling involved when they play against eachother.
    • Secretly enjoys Pokemon games.
  • The only person he's afraid of is his own mother.
  • He doesn't celebrate most religious holidays.
  • Favorite colors: any shade of blue.

Gabe in the photostory "You Know What Comes Next".


Hakari's main story (unnamed)
Gabe was born to his mother (a voidling) and a god as a bargain between the two. The god gave Gabe's mother a child, and in return, that child had to serve as his right hand warrior when the time came. Both Gabe and Kafka were raised with that end purpose in mind, so as a result he grew up learning martial arts, weapons, military strategy, magic, and anything else his father thought might be useful one day. It was a brutal childhood, but as he grew he learned how to balance his training with meeting his occasional lover and whatever else he wanted to do. The war was a short and bloody one, but Kafka, Gabe, and their mother all managed to make it out alive. As the remnant of the winning side was still pulling itself together, the three left before anyone could make any claims on them.

Beneath the Midnight Sun
Gabe's history from before the BtMS storyline began is the same as his Main Story history, though by this time, many years have passed since the war ended. It was a time in his life that he does not like to talk about, and to this day he never told anyone just which side in the God Wars won. While living here on Earth, Gabe slips in and out of this reality and into others to join his sister in expanding their power base on other worlds by gathering worshipers, which in turn gives them power. While planet-side, though, Gabe has to keep an extremely low profile as Earth already has its own divinity, and to be discovered here, in its territory would mean a war between them. Despite the risks though, Gabe had originally come here for the purpose of gaining a little life experience as something more or less mortal, and another god's presence would enforce that he kept to it. He hadn't planned on staying so long, however meeting Meryll has changed his plans, much to his sister's annoyance.

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