Fenrys as he currently looks.

Name: Fenrys Shyeel
Owner: keishi-chan
Mold: Fairyland Minifee Karsh (a-line normal body, #5 hands)
Wig: white fur wig (Miffimifster)
Eyes: 10mm "light blue" glass eyes (Ginarolo)
Face-up: custom (mendokusai)
Modifications: none
Customizations: none

Fenrys possesses a sharp wit and an occasionally acid tongue, but he saves them only for the rare occasions that even dare to warrant his attention. The untrained eye might see somebody who is condescending, aloof, and unconcerned about the world around him, but beneath the reserved exterior he is secretly caring and compassionate. When he voices an opinion it becomes apparent that he is rather wise for his years, despite his youthful appearance.

Roles and Relationships

  • Very close with his cousin Loren; the two were raised like siblings.
  • Close with Chase.
    • The two have previously been in an open relationship.
  • Shares a house with Edmund and Chase.
  • Dahlia's older brother and caretaker.

Interesting Facts or Quirks

  • Age: 51 (Cancer).
  • Fenrys is an elf.
    • His hair color is naturally white (no tint), and his ears are long and pointed (his ears are longer than Dahlia's, inherited from his mother rather than his father).
    • He is not necessarily xenophobic, but he is rather ethnocentric (believing elves to be the superior race but not harboring any distrust towards other races).
  • He is ambidextrous.
  • Fenrys has difficulty sleeping, seldom getting more than 2-3 hours of rest a night (though as an elf, he technically does not "sleep").
    • He will, on occasion, work two full time jobs at once, just as a means of keeping himself occupied.
  • He is a concert level pianist, but rarely plays.
  • Music taste: classical.
  • Favorite color: grey.
  • Favorite animal: foxes.
  • Fenrys has a Twitter.

Fenrys (pictured with Edmund) in the photostory "One in a Million".


Saints & Scoundrels
Fenrys was born to parents of a lesser branch of House Shyeel, known for their mastery of archanika. Highly intelligent, he showed great promise in his skills with machinery, and quickly climbed through the ranks. While still fairly young, he fell in with a radical religious sect called the Seekers. Around the same time, his mother became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter who was born soulless. Knowing that soulless children are generally put to death, Fenrys spirited the child away, leaving her in the care of his cousin. He left Ios and made his way to Cygnar, learning about the religions of men, searching for ways to help Scyrah, and by doing so, hopefully save his sister.

Beneath the Midnight Sun
Fenrys's history is not specified in the separate storyline.

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