Chase as she currently looks.

Name: Matilde Chase
Owner: keishi-chan
Mold: Fairyland Minifee Marcia (a-line small bust/cutie legs, #3 hands)
Wig: Monique "Ciara" wig in brown black (Facets)
Eyes: 14mm "extra dark brown" high quality glass eyes (Pupa Paradise)
Face-up: custom (mendokusai)
Modifications: none
Customizations: none

Chase typically avoids most major commitments, preferring to not get involved in long-term relationships to prevent getting hurt. Dry and sarcastic, she is a smooth talker who would rarely tell an outright lie, though that doesn't prevent her from dancing around the truth enough to allow people to reach their own incorrect conclusions. She is straight-forward and friendly, but can hold her own in a fight.

Total Appearances: 18 (first)

Roles and Relationships

• Colm (brother)
Alister (boyfriend)




Growing up in foster care, Chase spent a lot of time with Colm, as they were nearly always placed in the same foster family or group home. They were nearly inseperable - so much so that when Colm ran away from the group home, Chase went with him. After an accident that left Chase hospitalized for several months and her boyfriend dead, Colm (feeling responsible) packed up and joined the army. Having been abandoned (at least to her mind) by the closest thing she had to a family, Chase is still angry with him, and hasn't spoken to him in nearly 10 years. Though he still tries to get in contact with her several times a year, Chase refuses to speak to him, and has occasionally changed her phone number to avoid his calls.

Alister and Chase
Though an unlikely match, Alister and Chase have found they have more in common than meets the eye. She has turned out to be just the right medicine for his anxiety, while he has brought out her softer side. They have now been dating several months, and she is pregnant with his child.

Fenrys and Chase
Fenrys and Chase dated exclusively for about a year approximately 8-9 years prior to the storyline. She got pregnant unexpectedly, and Fenrys proposed; he did care for her, but wasn't in love with her. Family had always been an important thing in his life, and he was eager to have his own. Chase declined, and left when she miscarried shortly after. Around that time, Fenrys's sister Dahlia was born, and he moved to be closer to his family.

Two years later, Chase ran into Fenrys (accompanied by his cousin and 2-year-old sister). Assuming he was with his wife and daughter, Chase congratulated Fenrys on his "little family". He corrected her mistake, and they ended up hooking up "for old times' sake." Not long after that, Chase's apartment building was condemned, and Fenrys invited her to come live with him as roommates. After a string of "one night stands" together, they came to an arrangement - if neither is currently involved in a relationship and both parties are willing, they can still conveniently have sex. This arrangement persisted approximately 5-6 years, up until Chase met Alister.

Despite not being romantically involved, they are quite close. Chase looks up to Fenrys and values his opinion. For all that she has told him little of her life before they met, he knows her better than most people. He has assumed the role of an over-indulgent older brother (with the obvious exception that he wouldn't sleep with his actual sister).

Drawn to each other by their shared interest in snark, money, and hard liquor, Chase and Seraph have become fast friends. This camraderie has not prevented occasional threats of violence between the two, the seriousness of which is unclear. Seraph also enjoys hitting on Chase, but Chase has proven to be rather resistant to her… charm and assets.

Edmund is both Chase's roommate and a doctor in the group medical practice where she works as a receptionist.

Interesting Facts or Quirks

  • Age: 25 (Taurus).
  • Chase hates her name, preferring to go by her last name instead.
    • Fenrys calls her "Mat", which is as close to her first name as she is willing to let anyone call her.
    • In one of the foster homes she was placed in, her foster mother started calling her “Tillie”, which she cared for even less. When her foster brother called her by that name, she punched him in the face and broke his nose.
  • She enjoys knitting and yoga.
    • These are both forms of stress/anger management for Chase, whose temper runs hot (though it fizzles quickly).
  • She has attended massage therapy school, but for unspecified reasons decided not to get licensed.
  • Chase tends to avoid making close relationships, not from fear of commitment, but fear of loss.
    • Most of her romantic relationships never make it past the one-month mark.
    • The obvious exception to this is Fenrys, with whom Chase has lived for most of the last 9 years or so.
  • She can't (or rather, chooses not to learn how to) drive a car.
  • She loves foreign languages, and picks them up fairly easily. In addition to English, she speaks Spanish, French, and Russian.
  • Favorite foods: grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup, baked potatoes, banana cream pie.
  • Favorite colors: brown, pink and green.
  • Favorite animal: dogs.
  • Chase has a Twitter and a Tumblr.

Chase (pictured with Alister) in the photostory "The Hands That Heal, pt. 2".


Bandit's Landing
Chase's role is more of a cameo, and her history corresponds with Saints & Scoundrels.

Saints & Scoundrels
Chase’s father was a soldier, killed in action when she was four years old. Her mother, desperate to provide for herself and her daughter, married a wealthy merchant. Chase’s stepfather was very charming…when he was sober. Her mother was much abused, taking blame for anything that met her husband’s disapproval. One night, Chase spilled her soup at dinner, and her stepfather struck her. Her mother intervened, and Chase fled the house. From the back garden, she heard gunshots, and when she returned to the house, her mother was bleeding on the floor. She died before help arrived, and seven-year-old Chase was given into the care of her aunt. Her stepfather was hanged.
Not long after, Chase’s aunt became ill and died. Chase was then taken in by the Church of Morrow and placed in a foster home. Over the next three years, she was shuffled in and out of over 20 homes (due partly to her temper and partly to her penchant for thievery). Finally she ran away, falling in with a crowd of boys whose temperaments matched her own. Though younger than most of them, she had very quick wits, and a keen eye for lucrative jobs. She was able to organize their efforts in such a way that they no longer stole food and mere trinkets, but large amounts of coin and priceless jewelry. By the time she was 18, she was one of the more noted art thieves in Cygnar, doing freelance work for both private citizens and many of the major crime syndicates (though she never met with any of them, and arranged her jobs through Seraph or another proxy). She enjoyed great success at this until her partners (the boys she had originally banded together with) started meeting what appeared at first to be accidental deaths during jobs. After several in a row, Chase started looking for other work.

Beneath the Midnight Sun
Chase’s history in the separate storyline corresponds roughly with her Saints & Scoundrels history to a point. She was placed in foster care at age seven after the her mother's death, then shuffled in and out of homes for several years, and mostly lived in a group home. In her teenage years, she became close to two boys there, one as a brother, the other a lover. After ditching the group home when Chase was 16, the three of them engaged in petty crime and alcohol abuse, until an accident left her hospitalized for several months, her foster brother packed up into the Army and her boyfriend dead. When she was released, she (mostly) straightened up and finished school. After high school, she went to massage therapy school, but never got licensed. She took up knitting, and worked briefly as a teacher in a yarn store before landing a job as a receptionist at a group medical practice, where she currently works.

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