Buttons as he currently looks.

Name: Linus (Buttons)
Owner: mendokusai
Mold: Pipos Baha (original version)
Wig: n/a
Eyes: 16mm "B10" acrylic eyes (Dollmore)
Face-up: custom (mendokusai)
Modifications: dyed limbs (MieAga)
Customizations: full-body patchwork paintjob with stitches (mendokusai)

Linus (known as "Buttons" by most of the characters) is Brodwyn's stoic guardian. He is rarely far from her side; protecting her is what he was created for and what he lives for.

Roles and Relationships

  • Extremely devoted to Brodwyn.
    • Brodwyn is the only character who refers to him by his real name.
  • Has an odd friendship (alliance?) with Yuki.
  • Doesn't like Meryll or Rey very much.
  • In the Bandit's Landing storyline, his only connection is to Brodwyn, aside from Shael supplying the blueprints/information necessary for his creation.

Interesting Facts or Quirks

  • Age: 8.
    • He was created by Brodwyn's father when she was 8 years old.
  • While technically genderless, Buttons is considered to be a boy.
  • His nickname (Buttons) was given to him by Meryll.
    • He was named Linus by Brodwyn when they were first introduced, through a mistranslation (she would have meant "Limus", which means "wolf guardian", or "Simus" for "cat guardian").
  • Buttons does not speak, but Brodwyn and Yuki both seem to understand him without difficulty.
  • He does not let anybody touch him (except for Brodwyn).
    • Buttons is actually metallic, a sort of robot powered using magical energy, covered by padding and cloth (which has been ripped, replaced, and re-sewn countless times).
    • He particularly avoids Meryll and Rey, who would both love to take him apart to see how he works.

Buttons (pictured with Yuki) in the photostory "Higher Places".


Bandit's Landing
Linus was created to act as both a nanny and guardian to Brodwyn. Her parents needed a way to keep her under control and out of sight. After hiring a mercenary to procure the documents detailing the Nyss technology, Brodwyn's father created a metallic babysitter to solve their problems. It was made with the face of a cat, in the hopes that it would be less likely to alarm the small child, and later was covered in padding and cloth. The machine was controlled by an engraved gem strung on a chain, kept on the father's person at all times, and Linus did his job dutifully. (more at the bottom of the page)

Beneath the Midnight Sun
Buttons's history in the separate storyline is not specified.

Buttons Fan Art

Expanded History

!!SPOILERS!! (highlight at your own risk!)

Due to the nature of his creation, over a few years he slowly began developing a personality of his own. He became infatuated with his ward, caring for her and her well being as more than just a guardian would. It saddened him greatly to see the hollow shell left behind as she was ignored more and more by her parents and the house servants, though it made him proud to be the only one taking care of her. One morning, Brodwyn found the engraved gem kept by her father, the clasp having broken and fallen to the floor, unnoticed. He approached her later, furious, thinking she had somehow stolen it from him. Brodwyn, sensing his anger and amplifying it into rage, ordered Linus to attack her father. By that point, Linus had grown enough that the gem had very little power over his actions, but he seized the opportunity in the hopes that if Brodwyn could escape her prison, she might be able to live a normal life. In the end, both of her parents and several servants were dead, and the two fled from Ios.
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