Beneath The Midnight Sun

We've been doing photostories for about five years now… that is a lot of stories! Rather than trudging through 300+ stories to get an idea of what's going on, we've sorted out some of the storylines, so you can find a nice, comfortable starting place, or at least get a basic idea of the happenings so far.

Trying to decide if BtMS is something you want to get interested in? That depends. Are you into soap operas, romance, drama, pop culture and gaming references, gay/lesbian jokes, fantasy, and— wait, who am I kidding… of course BtMS is something you want to get into.

The real question is: what are you waiting for?

Meryll and Gabe in the photostory "Are We There Yet?".

Meryll & Gabe's relationship

Beginning: N/A

Most of the first photostories are about Meryll and Gabe, and their budding relationship. This part of the stories doesn't really follow any sort of storyline, and mostly is comprised of random silly stories. It's not really necessary to catch up from the very beginning, though Kafka (Gabe's sister) and Kane disappear and don't come back later on aside from some voice cameos. Many of the dolls get redolled (some are redolled more than once) throughout this early stage of our photostories.

Meryll and Gabe in the photostory "The Finger of Blame".

Meryll & Gabe break up

Beginning: Enter the Bunny

The stories start to take a more cohesive shape as Meryll and Gabe begin having relationship troubles. Gabe, unwilling to admit to Meryll the fact that he's not a normal human like her, has a hard time getting close to her and she interprets his distance the wrong way. To make matters worse, San decides to make his move, and Meryll is wooed by the sudden onset of attention. Kafka (voice only) throws a wrench into the mix by sending a mysterious girl named Gwen to pick up the pieces of Gabe's broken heart.

Meryll in the photostory "The Wizard of AK, pt.1".

The Wizard of AK

Beginning: The Wizard of AK, pt.1

This short segment is a dream Meryll has shortly after she realizes she shouldn't have left Gabe. It features some of Meryll's closest friends — Vult, Brodwyn, San, and Gabe — as characters from The Wizard of Oz, as well as Gwen as the wicked witch. She learns that it's not too late to regain what she's lost, and wakes up eager to patch things up with her former love.

Vult and Brodwyn in the photostory "Day in the Life of Brodwyn, pt.2".

Gwen loses the fight for Gabe

Beginning: Do I Have To Walk On Water?

The nauseatingly adorable lovebirds make up, much to the chagrin of fangirls voting for Gabe/Gwen. San makes some attempts to win Meryll back, and Gwen continues to struggle with her involuntary feelings for Gabe. A little time is spent getting to know some of the other characters, such as Jael, Tato, Vult, Shael, and Brodwyn. These stories have less to do with any sort of plot and more to do with small amounts of character development.

San and Sparrow in the photostory "I'll Ride the Wave Where it Takes Me".

The arrival of Sparrow and Alister

Beginning: Laydee's Man, Looking for Love!

Meryll and Vult conspire to distract San by sneaking onto an account he's made for a dating website, and sending messages to possible love interests. Little did they know their actions would spark a chain of events leading to the whirlwind of drama known as Sparrow (and her moƩ brother Alister) at their doorstep, with luggage in hand and more than enough baggage. San and Sparrow kick off a "frenemies with benefits" sort of relationship, and Alister quickly makes friends with the rest of the cast.

Alister (and Vult) in the photostory "Not As Advertised, pt.2".

Meryll tries to set up Alister and Gwen

Beginning: Down the Rabbit Hole

Taking her meddling skills to the next level, Meryll ropes the subservient Alister into a scheme to stop Gwen from lusting after Gabe. A fun convoluted mess of romance, misunderstandings, and wacky hijinks, we won't spoil anything here.

Vult and Shael in the photostory "The Queen Takes the Pawn".

Vult, Shael, and Tato

Beginning: N/A

It's hard to pinpoint a "beginning" to this storyline, because it's brought up here and there, scattered throughout the other storylines. Eventually we'll get more into it, but for now there are just hints, enough to get a basic idea of their relationship dynamic.

Gwen, Gabe, and Jael in the photostory "Indecent Homecoming".

Gabe goes on vacation to Scotland

Beginning: Hold Me While I'm Here

Hakari's group relocates to Scotland for nine months. Unfortunately she didn't have a whole lot of time and opportunity for photostories, so the Scotland stories are spread apart pretty far, and a few things get introduced and consequently left hanging. The most important thing is that Gwen meets a strange man (portrayed by Gabe due to lack of stand-ins, but later played by a mnf breakaway) named Johnathan.

Alister and Meryll in the photostory "Foul Play".

Alister reconnects with Edmund

Beginning: This Isn't Getting Any Easier

Alister gets ahold of his former college roommate, Edmund, and decides to make a video blog (with Seraph's help, because he is totally inept when it comes to computers) in an effort to make keeping in touch easier. The webcam stories allow discussion of story elements that would otherwise break the fourth wall or otherwise disrupt story flow. Edmund's introduction marks Keishi's photostory debut, as well as her inclusion in BtMS.

Meryll and San in the photostory "Like a Little Baby Roller Derby".

Meryll is pregnant

Beginning: Explosion is Imminent

Meryll starts to realize she's carrying some extra baggage, but unfortunately Gabe is still on vacation in Scotland. Unsure of how to break the news, she decides to keep it to herself until the last second. Showing his softer side (and realizing there's the possibility that the baby might be his), San offers to be there for Meryll so she doesn't have to go through pregnancy on her own. Meryll happily accepts, but San starts to realize that spending more time with his old crush would be harder than he thought. Meryll also takes advantage of Alister's medical training and asks him to be her baby doctor.

Edmund and Sparrow in the photostory "Politically Correct".

Alister's meds go missing

Beginning: Suspicious Behavior

In a desperate attempt to regain some measure of control over her foster brother, Sparrow secretly pockets Alister's anxiety medication. Edmund comes for a visit, along with his coworker Chase, to bring Alister — who has been stressing over an unopened letter from Gwen — a new prescription. During his visit, long-buried feelings for Sparrow are rekindled and new feelings spark between Alister and Chase. Edmund catches on to Sparrow's childish games and rescues her from an ill-fated, last ditch effort for Alister's attention.

Alister and Edmund in the photostory "Like Bunnies".

Alister and Chase

Beginning: The Hands That Heal

In a surprising move, Alister and Chase hook up for a quick fling during her visit, and end up starting an actual relationship together. The two of them discover they both grew up as orphans and have even more in common than at first glance. Though it was disputed by some of Alister's fans, Chase has proven to be the right medicine for Alister's anxiety problems.

Johnathan and Gwen in a flashback from the photostory "Present Company Excluded".

Gwen meets a mysterious stranger

Beginning: Into the Woods

This storyline starts while Gwen is in Scotland with Gabe and Jael, and wraps up via flashbacks upon her return. She meets Johnathan, a smooth-talking gentleman, while out for a walk. Still learning to cope with the fact that Kafka created her to love, she quickly develops feelings for her new acquaintance. Things take a turn for the worse, however, when it's revealed that Johnathan is really only using her to get close to Gabe. When Gabe and Johnathan battle, the bloody result leaves Gwen shaken.

Meryll (and Gabe) in the photostory "Blue Eyes White Dragon, I Choose You!".

Parenthood abounds

Beginning: And Baby Makes...

It's baby time!! Gabe comes home early from Scotland so he can be there when Meryll gives birth. The house is brimming with excitement, except for Alister and Sparrow, both having a lot on their minds. Chase is becoming distant, and those closest to her are afraid she's going to call it quits on her relationship with Alister. When she's finally forced to confront him, however, everybody is in for a surprise!

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